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Weight Loss Tips & Tricks: Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog, Never Eat Fruit, Says Health Guru

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Running is one of the fastest growing fitness workout nowadays, and couple this with a proper diet, which means eating more of the healthy stuff like fruits and veggies, and you basically got the two most basic concepts when it comes to weight loss.

But, one health guru is out to shatter this idea, which has been regarded by many as somewhat of a universal truth. In fact, Grant Petersen, author of the best-selling book “Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog,” advises you to do just the opposite of that. In the contrary, he has been a champion for eating a low-carb diet wherein most of the calories you consume comes from fat instead of carbs, according to an article by the Daily Mail.

Petersen observed, through years of his own personal campaign to lose weight, that he has not been very successful even though he was on a low fat diet and has devoted about three hours of his day to exercise. And after trying out various types of diet plans, he concluded that it’s not just as simple as limiting your calorie intake and killing yourself in the gym.

He found out that one of the biggest factors affecting weight loss is the hormone insulin found in our body. These hormones, secreted by the pancreas, is responsible for keeping our blood sugar in check, says Endocrine Web.

But, Petersen argues that insulin is also the reason why calories are stored as body fat, preventing people from using their own body fat for energy. Cutting out on carbohydrate-rich food, which lowers insulin level, is therefore crucial for weight loss. He advocates taking in calories through a high-fat diet.

He recommends taking food such as fish, meat such as bacon, egg yolk, Greek yogurt, coconut oil, and drinking coffee with fat for breakfast. This idea is congruent to the existing LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet that has gathered some huge following of its own. Another similar diet is called the Atkin’s diet, which differs a bit from LCHF because of its more structured approach, as noted in an article on Diabetes.co.uk.

And instead of doing light running or jogging, he advises doing more of short but high intensity exercises to maximize muscle burn. He argues that low intensity workouts can be fun, but are inefficient ways to shed pounds. Short but intense exercise, on the other hand, leads to stronger muscles and a healthier cardiovascular system.

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