How to jog reduced

How to jog?

Please share on your social network.While running or walk-running is an effective and easy way of developing aerobic fitness, there is no one correct way to jog. Just as everyone walks in a slightly different way, their manner of jogging…

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2 of 2 Two delightful girls give thumbs up on Morro Strand State Beach - Runners at 1st Annual Rock 2 Rock 5 Mile Fun Run, Morro Bay, CA Harbor Festival Weekend 04 Oct. 2008.  Michael "Mike" L. Baird, Canon 1D Mark III 70-200mm IS f/2.8 handheld.

Running: When and Where?

Please share on your social network.Run whenever it suits your fancy. Some like to get up early and do several miles before breakfast. Others elect to run during the lunch hour, then eat a sandwich at their desk. Many prefer to wait until after…

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