Swimming For Aerobic Fitness

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Swimming is one of the best physical activities for people of all ages. Vigorous water activities can make a major contribution to the flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance of individuals. With the body submerged in water, blood circulation automatically increases to some extent, promoting deeper ventilation of the lungs and increased heart rate.

Walking in knee- or waist-deep water is an excellent way to build aerobic fitness. Exercise, including walking, performed in the water is frequently used in the initial stages of cardiac rehabilitation programs. A recent study stated that water resistance makes movement through waist deep water by walking or jogging more strenuous than comparable exercise in air. Relatively high levels of respiration, circulation, and oxulative metabolism are required to move through the water at slow speeds. Furthermore, the buoyant effect of water greatly reduces the weight bearing stress on muscles and joints. This information suggests that walking and jogging in water can be a valuable mode of conditioning for developing or maintaining physical work capacity and cardiovascular fitness.

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