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Running: When and Where?

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Run whenever it suits your fancy. Some like to get up early and do several miles before breakfast. Others elect to run during the lunch hour, then eat a sandwich at their desk. Many prefer to wait until after work, when running can help cleanse the mind of the day’s problems. A few are night owls who brave the dark in their quest for fitness; they are quick to point out that the run and shower help them to sleep like a baby. l would only caution you to avoid vigorous activity 1 or 2 hours after a meal, when the digestive organs require an adequate blood supply, and when any fat in the circulation hastens the risk of clotting.

Where should you run? Almost anywhere you please. Avoid hard surfaces for the first few weeks of training. Run in the park, on playing fields, golf courses, or running tracks. After a few weeks you’ll be ready to try the backroads and trails in your area. By varying your routes, you’ll maintain interest in your program. When the weather prohibits outdoor running, try a YMCA or school gym; or choose an exercise supplement you can do at home such as running in place or skipping rope.

Unless you are a loner and enjoy the time spent by yourself, consider running with a companion. When you find one with similar abilities, interests, and goals, you aren’t likely to miss your run.



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