Low-Carb Or No-Carb Diet

Low-Carb Or No-Carb Diet: Which Is Better For Losing Weight?

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A lot of people are opting for the low-carb or no-carb diet to lose weight.  The Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet has gained popularity for this.

Both diets guarantees weight loss because low-carb diets reduce insulin in the body, reduce fat accumulation which would lead to fat burning, reported the CNN.

Dr Robert Atkins and Dr Arthur Agatston, who developed the South Beach diet, saw that by drastically reducing thecarbohydrates in one’s diet and incorporating more protein and fat is the only way to lose weight.

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines will be released next year.  The advent on new research indicates that cutting down oncalories is the way to losing weight said a report by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.  The committee will forward their findings to make the guidelines more balanced.

Weight Watchers diet has this thought in mind, a more balanced diet.

Not all sources of carbohydrates are bad.  Take for example: bread.  There are many kinds of breads. Whole wheat breads can provide fiber and have a lower sugar content.  The same with pasta and rice.  There are a lot of options out in the market that could provide you with almost the same dishes but with a healthier twist.

“I think Americans are slowly getting the message that … breads and grains are fine as long as they are whole grains so we get the fiber and nutrients,” said Joan Salge Blake to CNN.  Blake is a clinical associate professor of programs in nutrition at the Boston University.

Cutting calories means to cut down on carbs or fat.  The important thing, experts say, is to find a diet that you can stick to.  They also suggested that a high-protein and high-fat diet makes us full for a longer period of time.

The fad of a low-carb diet started in the 1920s when a ketogenic diet was developed.  It was developed for people with epilepsy.  It suggests only 2 percent of daily calories from carbs, 8 percent from protein and 90 percent from fats.

During the 1980s, a study has found that the ketogenic diet reduced the size of tumors in mice.  The researchers in the study suggested that low levels of blood sugar as a result of a low-carb diet starvescancer cells.

But a more recent has suggested that a low-fat diet is the best way to go in losing weight.  This new research has found that by cutting fat, participants lost 1.2 pounds in a week, compared to the low-carb diet of 0.7 pounds.

The argument of which is the best diet goes on and on.  What works on one person may not be applicable for you.  Filtering out the different kinds of diet until you find the right one, based on your own body’s needs is the best way to go.

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