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How to Lose Weight

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These tips will guide you towards losing weight and keeping it off. These are strategies that boost your confidence in eating right, keep your appetite in check and shed pounds off your body! This is your weight loss tool box! Which tips work for you? Start with a single tip. Make it a habit and then move on to the next tip. You don’t have to incorporate these all at one time.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #1. Eat S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Take your time eating. It takes your brain around twenty minutes to create a feeling of fullness. If you eat too quickly, you may eat more than your body needs to feel satisfied. Put your fork down between bites, this will help slow you down and allow you to enjoy your meal more.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #2. Only eat when you are physically hungry.

how to lose weight hunger

Be aware of why you are eating. Try to only eat when you are hungry, not bored, stressed, or lonely.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #3. Keep healthy snacks handy.

Always keep a stash of healthy snacks (fruit, vegetables, granola bars, etc.) in your bag. Choose to satisfy your snack craving with these healthy, low calorie snacks instead of higher calorie treats.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #4. Eat your vegetables!

how to lose weight vegetables

That’s right, eating vegetables results in weight loss! And better health, of course. Non-starchy vegetables like colorful salads, baby carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli, are full of water an d fiber, which make you feel full with very few calories. Non-starchy vegetables are your ticket to weight loss without going hungry.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #5. Focus on balance.

Include lean protein-rich foods or healthy fat-rich foods with every meal or snack. Protein and fat leave you feeling satisfied for longer periods between meals. For example, toast and fruit for breakfast is filing, but adding a thin spread of peanut butter to your toast is really satisfying. Snacking on baby carrots will fill you up, but dipping them into hummus will help you feel full for a few hours between snacks and meals.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #6. Savor your food.

Portion control is easier when you truly enjoy the food that you eat. Engage all of your senses when you eat. You will be more satisfied and more successful in controlling how much you eat when you smell the aromas, appreciate the presentation of your food, feel the textures of the meal and really savor each and every bite.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #7. Eat without distractions.

To control how much you eat and to feel more satisfied, focus on eating. Turn off the TV, put away your magazines and books, and stop studying. Take a few minutes to savor a meal or snack and you will feel more satisfied and have better self-control. This habit will increase your wareness of what, how much and why you eat.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #8. Avoid drinking calories.

how to lose weiht calories drink

Nothing adds up faster than jugging soda, fruit juice, coffee drinks, energy drinks or beer. Juice, soda and other sweetened beverages provide lots of calories without any sense of satiety. Alcohol calories add up really fast and decrease your inhibitions, increasing the likelihood of snacking and late-night eating.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #9. Place boundaries on foods high in calories and low in nutrients.

An occasional indulgence won’t wreck your weight loss, but high calorie treats can add up if you aren’t aware of how often enjoy them. What are your favorite treats? Do you have a sweet tooth or do salty savory foods call to you? Identify what sings to and place a boundary on how much or how often you will treat yourself.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #10. Downsize supersized portions.

Portion control is easiest when less food appears on your plate at the start of the meal. When dining out, you will likely be served more than your body needs. Cut your portion in half and immediately place in a to-go box. Avoid ‘up-sizing’ your meals and choose smaller portions. Look for ‘lunch plates’ or ‘light meals’ and even the kids menu. When eating at home, prepare less food, put leftovers away before sitting down to eat, and use smaller serving utensils and smaller plates to put less food on the plate.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #11. Eat before you are ravenous and stop before you are full.

When you are starving, you are likely to eat quickly, until you are full on high calorie foods. This is recipe for weight loss disaster! Be aware of when you are starting to feel hungry. Honor that feel and fuel your body with a balanced meal or snack. Eat slowly with attention to how satisfied and how full you feel. Stop eating when you are no longer hunger, and feel satisfied but not full.

How to Lose Weight? Tip #12. Avoid the 3 C’s: Crispy, Creamy and Cheesy

Sauces, dressing, breading, cream and cheese sneak their way onto your plate, which skyrockets the calorie content without providing much more food to eat. Ask for sauces, spreads, and dressing on the side. Only use enough of these calorie dense toppings to add a bit of flavor and save yourself unnecessary calories. Ask for food to be steamed, poached, baked or grilled plain to avoid excess oil used in cooking and frying. Avoid breading and ‘crispy’ fried foods. Choose broth based soups and marinara sauce instead of creamy soups and sauces. Skip the cheese added to sandwiches, burgers and salads and ask for less cheese on pizza, Mexican food and other mixed dishes.

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