How to jog reduced

How to jog?

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While running or walk-running is an effective and easy way of developing aerobic fitness, there is no one correct way to jog. Just as everyone walks in a slightly different way, their manner of jogging will also vary. Here are some general suggestions to follow which will make jogging more enjoyable and will help reduce any muscular or joint soreness that might occur.ad1_250x250

  1. Stand up straight, keep your back as straight as naturally comfortable, keep your head up and don’t look at your feet while jogging.
  2. Your arms should be held slightly away from the body and bent at the elbows so that the elbow and hand are approximately the same distance from the ground. Occasional shaking and relaxing the arms and shoulders while running will help reduce the tightness that sometimes develops while jogging or running. Also, periodically taking several deep breaths and blowing them out completely will help you to relax.
  3. A very important part of a successful jogging technique is how your foot hits the ground. There are several acceptable techniques but the best is to land first on the heel of the foot then rock forward and take, off from the ball of the foot on your next step. If you find this procedure to be uncomfortable or unnatural, try landing on the entire bottom of the foot all at once with most of the weight on the ball of the foot. An attempt should be made to avoid landing just on the ball of the foot because this will create unnecessary foot and leg soreness. The flat-footed technique is a compromise where the runner lands on the entire foot and rocks onto the ball for pushoff. Check your shoes after several weeks of running; if you are using the correct footstrike, the outer border of the heel will be wearing down.
  4. Regardless of what method is used, keep your steps short by letting the foot strike the ground beneath the knee instead of reaching it out in front of you. The glower the rate of running, the shorter your stride length should be.
  5. Remember to breathe deeply while jogging – do not hold your breath.
  6. If for some reason, known or unknown, you become unusually tired or uncomfortable while jogging, take it easy and slow down, walk or stop.

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