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Factors for which you should lose weight

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Health care providers generally agree that people who are considered to be obese (have a BMI of 30 or greater) may improve their health by losing weight.
If you are overweight (BMI between 25 and 29.9), experts recommend that you avoid gaining any extra weight.If you are overweight and have other risk factors (see below), losing weight may reduce these risks. Experts recommend you try to lose weight if you have two or more of the following:

  • Family history of certain chronic diseases.If you have close relatives who have had diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, you may be more likely to develop these problems.
  • Pre-existing medical problems.High blood pressure, high LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, low HDL (good) cholesterol levels, high triglycerides, and high blood sugar (prediabetes or diabetes) are all warning signs of some diseases linked to obesity.
  • Large waist size.Men who have waist sizes greater than 40 inches and women who have waist sizes greater than 35 inches are at higher risk of diabetes, unhealthy blood fats (high cholesterol and triglycerides), high blood pressure, and heart disease.


Fortunately, losing even a small amount of weight can help improve your health. This weight loss may lower your blood pressure and improve other risk factors.
For example, research shows that people at high risk for type 2 diabetes who lose a modest amount of weight and increase their physical activity may prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.


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